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Temple of Alchemy
Alyssa Zander

Welcome to Temple of Alchemy

Transmuting Codependency patterns into Sovereignty. Healing relationship with self and with others.

About Me

Hello beloveds! My name is Alyssa Zander and I created this sacred space for people who are ready to heal core wounds and trauma through meeting them with reverence. I am a wisdom keeper and a sovereign embodiment coach. My story of sexual abuse, codependency patterns, and generational trauma is my medicine and my gift. I hold unconditional love and forgiveness as my cornerstone. 

My dream and passion are to work intimately with others who have deep-seated wounds and trauma. As a survivor of sexual abuse from my childhood, a lot of my practices revolve around ancestral and womb healing. I walk alongside my clients and celebrate them as they find their voice, light, and reclaim their sovereignty.

Why You Should Join Me

This community is built upon the foundation of unconditional love, compassion, and grace. My healing journey has unearthed who I thought I was, and brought me to my knees in reclamation. I believe we all have unique gifts that are meant to be shared with the world. My gift is to walk with others on their own journey to their depths and heal from patterns that keep their relationships in dis-ease. This community is about learning how to receive yourself fully, how to cultivate unconditionally loving and reciprocal relationships with others, and to find confidence in sharing your unique gifts with the world. 

Pillars of My Work

A Big Thanks To

My family, who continues to support and grow with me. Doing this generational healing work with you has been such a blessing.

My well ancestors and spirit guides, for guiding me and nudging me when I forget. For reminding me of my power, and for loving me unconditionally. 

Naomi Love, of Wise Womb Medicine Path. She has given me such a sacred and safe space to explore the deepest and darkest parts of myself. I am truly grateful to apprentice with you.

My Womb Temple community, for giving me a safe space to be unapologetically RAW. 

All the amazing soulmate clients, who I have had the opportunity to work with and witness on their own healing journeys. You all continue to motivate and remind me of the important work I am here to do, and watching you all come home to your true nature is truly a fucking honor.

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